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ZOHO CRM and Salesforce. ZOHO CRM, smart and fast

Zoho CRM's greatest strength is its ease of use and rapid implementation time. With Zoho CRM, sales reps can start selling immediately, without any in-depth training or CRM

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Segment your customer base with Zoho CRM: effective campaigns

Customer segmentation is the process of categorizing a customer base according to common characteristics such as region, industry, product preferences, income, etc.

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ZOHO CRM – How to deploy your ZOHO CRM in 7 days?

ZOHO CRM - How to deploy your ZOHO CRM in 7 days?

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What’s involved in implementing CRM software?

MOBIX specializes in CRM deployment and connections to digital marketing tools.

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10 secrets for successfully (re)setting up your CRM

Companies all over the world have realized the importance of a CRM system. When almost every company uses some form of CRM, we find that many tools are not explored to their

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Le billet du digital: What is CRM software?

CRM systems compile customer data across different channels or points of contact between the customer and the company, which can include the company website, telephone, live