Why choose Zoho Books

With Zoho Books, choose high-performance software for your core accounting and sales management operations. Particularly well-suited to small and medium-sized businesses, it provides simple, optimized management. Save time for your invoicing, settlement and accounting staff, as well as for your external partners.


Steering your company's finances

Automate tasks that don’t require your intervention, such as recurring invoices or sending out payment reminders, and save precious time so you can focus on your company’s financial management.


Personalize your transactions

With your logo and graphic charter, your visual identity is present on all your documents. You can also invoice customers in their own currency.


Quote creation

Create quotes simply by connecting Zoho Books directly to your CRM, simplifying the work of your sales team.


Billing for project and time tracking

Set up invoicing for project and time tracking, for fast, accurate calculations.


Online payment gateways

All major online payment solutions and gateways are integrated, including PayPal, GoCardless and Stripe.


Control your flows

Synchronize your bank cards and account statements in Zoho Books for perfect control of your flows. You can easily generate reports and know the exact status of your cash flow at all times.


Mobile application

With the Zoho Books web and mobile application, you can access your information from any computer, tablet or smartphone, wherever you are.



Your financial data is securely stored in the cloud.


Streamline relations with your partners

Roles and authorizations are fully configurable, so that everyone has access to the information and actions that concern them. Streamline relations with your partners, accountants, suppliers and customers by giving them direct access to all their transactions.


Collaborative features

Share all the necessary documents with the people in charge of bookkeeping or with your accounting firm.


Easy migration from other software

Your records will be intact by entering opening balances in Zoho Books before creating transactions.


Témoignages Mobix - Ekip-RMOBIX nous a configuré Zoho afin qu’il corresponde à notre métier. Nous avons même pu développer une fonctionnalité spécifique à notre métier. Et nous continuons à le faire évoluer grâce à leur expertise. Merci à Florian pour sa disponibilité, son écoute et son professionnalisme. Je recommande vivement.


Témoignages Mobix - MiharuMOBIX a été un excellent prestataire pour la rnise en place des logiciels Zoho. Professionnalisme et efficacité. Recommandation 100%.


Témoignages Mobix - GardioMOBIX helps us with integrations between Zoho and various other systems. Fast and very knowledgeable, invaluable support for us!


Témoignages Mobix - HeyliotMOBIX a su nous accompagner parfaitement dans la reprise en main de notre CRM. Les conseils prodigués ont été immédiatement actionnables et nous avons pu en quelques jours repartir sur de bonnes bases. Je recommande donc MOBIX sans hésiter !

Zoho Books accounting software offers a range of tools and features, for the day-to-day running of your business We support you in the deployment of Zoho solutions. We help you connect all your applications, and train your teams to use them optimally. Contact us for a demonstration of Zoho Books!

Secure data.

With Zoho Books, data is secure and accessible in real time and from anywhere, because it’s a cloud solution.

Personalized follow-up.

At MOBIX, we’re committed to providing customized implementation and follow-up for your project.


Zoho Books also connects seamlessly with third-party applications, your existing business tools and other Zoho tools.

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