Why choose Zoho Survey?

Make strategic decisions based on accurate survey data. Launch a market study, observe customer satisfaction, find out whether your customers recommend you by studying your Net Promoter Score, receive user feedback on the new beta version of your product, or consult your internal collaborators. We keep a close eye on every customer installation, and we’ll have more suggestions for you!


Create customized surveys

Over 25 question types (multiple choice, ranking, star rating, images, open-ended questions, etc.) and more than 200 templates are available. Depending on the answers you receive, you can adjust the following questions.


Send your surveys to all channels

Email campaign, social networks, newsletter or on your website. Thanks to the responsive format, questionnaires can be displayed on all types of screen. You can also survey outside your customer base: Zoho Survey conducts your survey for you, based on the samples of your choice. For use offline, at a physical event or at the point of sale, you can generate a printable format. Zoho Survey adapts to every situation.


Results analysis via customizable reports

Collect responses, analyze results and produce customizable reports, viewable on the mobile app for up-to-date data even on the move. Reports can be displayed in a variety of formats: curves, diagrams, tables, etc. We offer customized implementation, for settings directly linked to your needs and preferences.


Data security

Data security and confidentiality are guaranteed, with the use of Captcha, SSL certification, etc.


Collaborative tool

Zoho Survey is a collaborative tool: the creation and modification of questionnaires can be managed by several people. Results can be filtered and shared with the recipients of your choice.



Zoho Survey synchronizes with other applications in the Zoho suite (Zoho CRM or Zoho Campaigns) and with your other tools such as Google Sheets, Google Drive, Excel, Mailchimp and Shopify.


Témoignages Mobix - Ekip-RMOBIX nous a configuré Zoho afin qu’il corresponde à notre métier. Nous avons même pu développer une fonctionnalité spécifique à notre métier. Et nous continuons à le faire évoluer grâce à leur expertise. Merci à Florian pour sa disponibilité, son écoute et son professionnalisme. Je recommande vivement.


Témoignages Mobix - MiharuMOBIX a été un excellent prestataire pour la rnise en place des logiciels Zoho. Professionnalisme et efficacité. Recommandation 100%.


Témoignages Mobix - GardioMOBIX helps us with integrations between Zoho and various other systems. Fast and very knowledgeable, invaluable support for us!


Témoignages Mobix - HeyliotMOBIX a su nous accompagner parfaitement dans la reprise en main de notre CRM. Les conseils prodigués ont été immédiatement actionnables et nous avons pu en quelques jours repartir sur de bonnes bases. Je recommande donc MOBIX sans hésiter !

Zoho Survey lets you save time with pre-formatted surveys or get in-depth results with customized questionnaires. Use the precise data generated by analysis programs and reports to make informed decisions. Contact us for a demonstration of Zoho Survey!

Secure data.

With Zoho Survey, data is secure and accessible in real time and from anywhere, because it’s a cloud solution.

Personalized follow-up.

At MOBIX, we’re committed to providing customized implementation and follow-up of your online survey tool.

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